Issaquah Hyla Crossing Project

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Community Planning and Development
Department is hosting a meeting to allow
the community an opportunity to
understand the proposal with particular
focus on critical areas and provide the City
with thoughts and concerns before a
decision is rendered. The applicant, along
with technical experts, will be present to
answer questions and address issues of
interested members.

Neighborhood Meeting – HYLA CROSSING – 19 Oct 2021 – Pdf

Lake Sammamish Timeline June 2021

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Lake Sammamish Flooding

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April 20, 2021


WSSA critique of KCFCD motion  

KCFCD Exec Com. Motion WSSA Critique 3.18.21


King County Flood Control District Motion

FCD EC MOTION 2021-03 Final – WSSA Mark Up

WSSA Color key 

Red = Cannot Support, Yellow = Neutral, Green = Support


WSSA Testimony

Full Meeting FCD April 7 2021


July 14, 2020


Willowmoor Floodplain Restoration Project – Dynamic Weir Analysis
This is a follow-up to a memo Reid Brockway sent to the Executive Committee dated March 8, 2019, concerning a key problem – extreme flooding of Lake Sammamish in peak inflow events – that the Willowmoor-sponsored Preliminary Dynamic Weir Analysis Technical Memorandum (DWA) did not adequately address.

Memo to FCD – DWA addendum critique


May 25, 2020


WSSA Video Review of Lake Sammamish Flooding 2020

This 20-minute video presentation provides background facts and factors surrounding Lake Sammamish’s mismanaged water levels and repeated flooding of shoreline properties.


2020 Flooding Survey


March 8

This is to highlight what I believe to be the most pressing issue concerning the Sammamish River flood control and the Willowmoor project.  It is a problem with a solution, achievable with active flow control via a dynamic weir.

Memo to FCD – DWA critique


February 2020

Damage Photos, Letters of Concern,
Citizen Petition, Estimated Damages


2020 Lake Sammamish Flooding Document Download

East Lake Sammamish Trail (ELST)

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This website explains a claim that East Lake Sammamish Trail (ELST) was a Federal Tax Fraud Scheme, a crime committed in the late 1990s by the leadership of King County, Washington, and covered-up by Ninth Circuit and Washington State judges, including the judges of our Washington State Supreme Court. 


The statements describing corruption, dishonesty, wrongdoing or criminal actions in this introduction are a First Amendment expression of the authors OPINION.

East Lake Sammamish Trail of Shame


What’s happening on the East side of the Lake Sammamish?

Read the latest news from Sammamish HomeOwners (SHO)


Sammamish HomeOwners (SHO) Feb. Report 

USACE announces faster draw-down of Lake Washington lake levels

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Flood Control System Inactivation Report – 2008

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Inspection Report on Authorized Project

Sammamish River, King County, Washington

Flood Control Project July 8 2008


PDF Document

Willomoor Floodplain Restoration Project

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Submission to KC Flood Control District Appeal


Comparison of County Prel. Weir Analysis Lake Level History to an Independent Analysis 2018


Submission of Water Level Issue Photos 10_2018


Statistical Analysis of Lake Samm. Historic Water Levels


King County explains the Willowmoor Project – Asks for Your Input – 2015 Creek


Inspection Report on Authorized Project 2008

Sammamish River, King County, Washington

July 8th 2008

PDF Document

Submission of Water Level Issue Photos to King County Willowmoor Project

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Submisson To KC Willowmoor Project 10_2018

Large Wood Debris in Rivers Public Meetings | June 12 and June 13

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King County’s flood risk reduction and habitat restoration projects sometimes require the placement of large wood into rivers and streams. Large wood can slow down a river, create pools and hiding places for young salmon, and bolster levees or revetments that protect people and infrastructure from flood risks. If you would like to learn about King County projects that involve the placement of large wood, please join us for a conversation about our current projects.

  • 3-5 p.m. Tuesday, June 12, Issaquah Fish Hatchery, 125 W. Sunset Way Issaquah
  • 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, June 13, Riverbend Club House, 17410 S.E. Renton-Maple Valley Road, Renton.

Some of the projects to be presented are:

For more information, contact Laird O’Rollins.

A Homeowners Guide to Landslides

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Homeowners Guide to Landslides