Lake Sammamish Flooding 2020

Posted by admin on February 22nd, 2020


May 25 2020


WSSA Video Review of Lake Sammmaish Flooding 2020

This 20 minute video presentation provides background facts and factors surrounding Lake Sammamish’s mismanaged water levels and repeated flooding of shoreline properties.


2020 Flooding Survey




February 2020

Damage Photos, Letters of Concern,
Citizen Petition, Estimated Damages


2020 Lake Sammamish Flooding Document Download

Lake Sammamish Flooding

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Lake Sammaish Flood Petition Feburary 2020

Lake Samm shoreline neighbors,


The recent extreme high water on the lake is only partly Mother Nature’s fault; it is also a consequence of the failure of a government flood control project and ongoing government inaction.  Measures can be taken to address this problem.


Interested in more background about the lake and its drainage – to read the more detailed background, click here.


The petition itself is online.  This is the document we will send to the agencies listed below.  To review the petition, click here.


But in any case, please complete the on-line survey by clicking here

This is where you can approve the petition and provide some additional information and comments.


Responses will be compiled an submitted to The Corps of Engineers, King County, and the cities of Bellevue, Redmond, Sammamish, and Issaquah.  Something can be done, but it won’t happen unless we bring pressure to bear on those who can take action.

Thank you,

Your Lake Sammamish neighbors