Parts 1-6

Comments and Dr. Gil Pauley Introduction

Diane Tebelius comments and introduces Dr. Gil Pauley. (5:33 minutes)

Fishery Science Basics

Dr. Gil Pauley a Lake Sammamish resident and retired University of Washington School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences Professor explains Fishery Science Basics. (34:19 minutes)

Salmon Predators

Dr. Gil Pauley talks about salmonid fry predators. (20:18 minutes)

Fishery Science Review-Brief

Dr. Gil Pauley reviews the research used by the City of Bellevue on fishery science. (1:09 minutes)

City Document Review

Dr. Gil Pauley reviews the City of Bellevue documents. (10:40 minutes)

Comments on CAO & SMP
Diane Tebelius comments on the Critical Area Ordinace (CAO) the Shoreline Master Plan (SMP) and the need for additional review. (1:47 minutes)