Willowmoor Project & Weir

Submisson To KC Willowmoor Project 10_2018


Letter to King County Flood Control Board KCFCB Willowmoor June 28 2018


King County Still up a Creek in 2018

Lake Sammamish Water Level Issues & County Willowmoor Project Feb 22 2016

Willowmoor Meeting Response March 2015


Willowmoor Open House March 2015 


WSSA Position Statement January 2015


Photo Documents for the WRP

Willowmoor – Analysis Issues Sept 2014_PDF

In June of this year I wrote County project staff and decision makers regarding maintenance of the site under study. I also provided factual information – primarily focused on flood protection, water flow, and lake levels. A response was received from John Engel which essentially said maintenance is not an element of the Willowmoor project. His response did not address the non-maintenance aspects of my correspondence, which requested inclusion of specific objectives.

Willowmoor Hydrology Report – Phase 1_FINAL

King County (County) is planning the Willowmoor Project, a flood control and habitat restoration project for the Sammamish River Transition Zone (TZ), which extends from the Lake Sammamish outlet weir approximately 1,400 feet downstream through Marymoor Park.


WSSA to King County WLRD 6-4-14

Request for Maintenance Actions and Project Criteria








Review Lake Sammamish Weir Sept 2011

by Martin Nizlek, Ph.D. Civil Eng.



Sammamish Weir Tour Summary to Bellevue Planning Commission of site visit with King County Council members Jane Hague and Kathy Lambert on September 9, 2010

Weir Visit Summary To Planning Commissioners 9_28_2010 PDF




Sammamish River, King County, Washington Flood Control Project July 8 2008

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