Parts 7-11

Norm MacLeod

Norm Macleod from Environmental Science Peer Review Institute (ESPRI) discusses peer reviewed science. (6:00 minutes)

RW Thorpe Case Studies


Richard Thorpe presents case studies of Bellevue properties detailing implications and realities of city regulations. (23 minutes)



Shoreline Armoring Richard Johnson

Citizen conducted survey and analysis of City of Bellevue data on shoreline armoring to actual conditions. (8:56 minutes)


Law and Policies Charlie Klinge

Charlie Klinge cites Washington State law and interaction with Shoreline Master Program. (10:46 minutes)


Forum Summary and Review Diane Tebelius

Diane Tebelius gives a summary of presentations made by Washington Sensible Shorelines Association before the City of Bellevue Planning Commission, March 24, 2010. (3:35 minutes)

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