Lake Sammamish Timeline June 2021

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Lake Sammamish Flooding

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April 20, 2021


WSSA critique of KCFCD motion  

KCFCD Exec Com. Motion WSSA Critique 3.18.21


King County Flood Control District Motion

FCD EC MOTION 2021-03 Final – WSSA Mark Up

WSSA Color key 

Red = Cannot Support, Yellow = Neutral, Green = Support


WSSA Testimony

Full Meeting FCD April 7 2021


July 14, 2020


Willowmoor Floodplain Restoration Project – Dynamic Weir Analysis
This is a follow-up to a memo Reid Brockway sent to the Executive Committee dated March 8, 2019, concerning a key problem – extreme flooding of Lake Sammamish in peak inflow events – that the Willowmoor-sponsored Preliminary Dynamic Weir Analysis Technical Memorandum (DWA) did not adequately address.

Memo to FCD – DWA addendum critique


May 25, 2020


WSSA Video Review of Lake Sammamish Flooding 2020

This 20-minute video presentation provides background facts and factors surrounding Lake Sammamish’s mismanaged water levels and repeated flooding of shoreline properties.


2020 Flooding Survey


March 8

This is to highlight what I believe to be the most pressing issue concerning the Sammamish River flood control and the Willowmoor project.  It is a problem with a solution, achievable with active flow control via a dynamic weir.

Memo to FCD – DWA critique


February 2020

Damage Photos, Letters of Concern,
Citizen Petition, Estimated Damages


2020 Lake Sammamish Flooding Document Download

Flood Control System Inactivation Report – 2008

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Inspection Report on Authorized Project

Sammamish River, King County, Washington

Flood Control Project July 8 2008


PDF Document